Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you use Professional Equipment?

A: Yes, DJ Mario uses only top of the line equipment from manufacturers known for reliability. We want to be very reliable, so we do not cut any corners.

Q: What will the DJ wear for our event?

A:  A professional business casual look is appropriate for most events unless otherwise requested.

Q: Will you take requests?

A: Yes. Please do provide a list of songs ahead of time or write your request on the request chart at the time of the event.

Q: Do you use a contract?

A: Yes. A contract is used for every event.

Q: Do you have references available?

A: Yes. My best advertising method is word of mouth. Please call (904) 655-2518 for a list of references. Also visit the testimonials page!  

Q: When will you arrive to my event to set up?

A: I arrive to most events between 1-2 hours before the start time as noted on the contract. I do this to make sure everything works and is just the way it should be.

Q: How many hours are standard?

A: Typically events last about 4 hours. We offer services for a 2 hour minimum.

Q: Will you provide additional time if requested?

A: Yes, under certain circumstances depending on availability.

Q: Do you own & operate your own systems?

A: Yes. I own all the audio equipment and operate it. I do sometimes subcontract certain equipment from audio and lighting companies in town, always in advance before it is needed.

Q: Will you customize the music to my wedding?

A: Yes. I feel that adding that custom touch to your wedding will make it extra special. I do ask that you meet with me before the wedding to set up a play list for the occasion. Please call (904) 655-2518 to set up an appointment.

Q: Can I meet with my DJ prior to the reception?

A: Yes. Please call (904) 655-2518 to set up an appointment. I will be glad to answer any questions and help make your event memorable.   

Q: Do you charge for set up/break down time?

A: No. While many disc jockey's do charge for this service, I feel that if I am not playing music, then there is nothing to pay for during that period.

Q: What happens if you have an emergency the day of our event?

A: Should an emergency (sudden illness, death, automobile accident) arise I have back up disc jockeys which I subcontract to continue the event as planned. You will never be in the “dark” regarding what is going on with your event from start to finish.

DJ Mario Lambert . (904)655-2518 .

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